Minivan Gets Flipped By Cammer In Intersection, Both Cars Totaled

In the state of Georgia, which is where this accident took place, entering an intersection on a yellow light is not illegal, as the light itself is simply indicative of the red that’s about to follow.

There’s also a Left-on-Red rule down there, but it applies only to drivers who are turning from a one-way street onto another one-way street, meaning this minivan driver was clearly and completely in the wrong to enter this intersection.

The incident took place in Rockmart, GA, late last year, and according to the description of the video, both drivers managed to walk away. The driver of the dashcam vehicle did however state that he had to spend “several months getting work done on my back and knee, but obviously it could have been much worse.”

He also mentions that both cars were totaled and that the driver of the minivan was found to be at fault for failure to yield – which was to be expected.

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There are a great many ways in which this crash could have ended much worse. For example, there could have been somebody in the passenger seat or in the backseatof that white minivan. Also, the fact that it ended up flipping over isn’t all that surprising considering the force of the impact


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