Mountain Biker Jumps Right In Front Of Moving Car, The Inevitable Happens

When driving on public roads, perhaps the last thing you’d expect to see is a mountain biker jump directly in front of you; however, in the last week of July, that’s exactly what happened to one motorist.

We’re not entirely sure where this video was filmed but it appears to be somewhere in Scandinavia and shows that messing about on a bicycle near traffic can quickly turn disastrous.

The cammer can be seen following a dark green Peugeot around a roundabout and as the driver approaches a zebra crossing, a cyclist flies out from in between the bushes directly into the hood of the cammer. The cyclist, not wearing a helmet, flies off his bike and across the hood of the cammer before falling to the ground. The driver was quick to react and slammed on the car’s brakes but didn’t have the time to bring the car to a halt to avoid the collision altogether.

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We have no idea why the cyclist decided to make the jump without first making sure that there were no cars near the intersection. We suspect he had other things on his mind, primarily seeking out the thrill of getting some hang time and soaring across the road. He also appears to be wearing a set of earphones which may have prevented him from hearing the cars.

The good thing is that this didn’t turn out as bad as it could; it is a timely reminder, though, that cyclists must obey road rules at all times like any other road user, especially since they are the ones more exposed to harm if anything goes wrong.


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