New Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing And CT5-V Blackwing May Feature Old Engines

The launch of the new CT4-V and CT5-V may have left many underwhelmed, but it’s clear that American car manufacturer has two very exciting new vehicles in the works that should restore the order of things within Cadillac.

These will be the CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing, of which a number of prototypes were recently snapped while testing in the United States.

According to our spy photographers, there were three CT5-V and two CT4-V prototypes joined by the current CTS-V and ATS-V as well as a BMW M5 and M2, the latter two obviously for benchmarking purposes.

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Our man on the ground says the CT4-V Blackwing prototypes sounded very similar to the ATS-V they were being tested alongside, indicating that some kind of turbocharged V6 will likely sit under the hood. The cars were also sitting on Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires and at least one them appears to have been installed with a manual transmission. One recent report suggests the CT4-V Blackwing will have the same twin-turbo 3.6-liter V6 as the ATS-V, pumping out a touch over 464 hp and 445 lb-ft (603 Nm) of torque.

As for the CT5-V Blackwing, it produced a much more viscous engine note, indicating that it will be fitted with a V8 engine. Details about this engine remain limited but according to Motor Trend journalist Jonny Lieberman, the new car could get the same supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine as the CTS-V where it produced 640 hp and 630 lb-ft (853 Nm) of torque.

The names of the vehicles remain unconfirmed and if it’s true that neither feature Cadillac’s ‘Blackwing’ engine, it is unlikely they will include the Blackwing moniker. To differentiate them from the ‘regular’ CT4-V and CT5-V models already unveiled, Cadillac will have to introduce some new naming conventions.

It’s hard to know when these two performance sedans will launch, but we expect to see them in early 2020.

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Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

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