New Corvette C8 ZR1 With Extra Downforce Mods Could Look Something Like This

Great things are coming for the all-new 2020 Corvette C8, which has only been unveiled in base Stingray spec thus far. Still, even at its “lowest”, the mid-engine C8 is capable of extremely impressive things, such as reaching 60 mph (96 km/h) from a standstill in under 3 seconds.

So what does this mean for future versions of the car? Well, they will undoubtedly feature more power, as you would expect from a Z06 or a flagship ZR1 model.

According to unnamed sources from within GM, the C8’s new chassis has been designed with electrification in mind, meaning that mild- and plug-in hybrid versions are in the cards, with a potentially fully electric model also within the realms of what’s possible.

Now, if acceleration is your main concern, you could also argue in favor of an electric motor mounted in front so as to provide the C8 Vette with all-wheel drive – such a setup would make plenty of sense on a track-oriented spec like the ZR1.

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As for what such a car might look like, well, if past ZR1 models are any indication (and they should be), we can expect more hardcore aerodynamic bits to be strapped on – like a massive rear wing, more pronounced spoiler lip up front, beefy side skirts and so on. Or, what we’re seeing here in this rendering by X-Tomi, which is unfortunately missing the current ZR1’s blacked-out A-pillars.

Inside, it should boast a more racy design, with standard body-hugging seats, more Alcantara throughout and other unique touches.

Performance will remain a mystery for the time being, but we expect that a future flagship Corvette C8 model will be able to hang with any other supercar in the world.

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