New F1 2019 Game Allows Official Drivers To Switch Teams In Career Mode

If you’ve ever immersed yourself in Codemasters F1 series’ Career mode in years past, you probably already know that you couldn’t get officially licensed drivers to switch teams, as it tends to happen in real life.

Look at any other self-respecting sports video game franchise like EA’s FIFA series or 2K’s NBA series and you’ll see that trades or free agent signings are key parts of their respective career modes. The good news? You’ll be getting that in F1 2019 too.

Want to see Lewis Hamilton race for Ferrari or Max Verstappen join Mercedes? No problem. These real-world drivers will move around the grid based on their performances in Career mode, the same way the human player has been able to do until now, reports Autosport.

Most of these moves will take place at the end of the season, “depending on the success” of a driver, said F1 2019 chief game designer, Gavin Cooper. However, mid-season changes can also take place – with you, the player, being informed of any and all such moves.

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“Over the course of the career mode’s 10 seasons, players can expect to see the dominance of the current mainstays of the sport challenge by a field of young, up-and-coming drivers,” added Cooper.

Other exciting features for F1 2019 include Formula 2 (which is also part of career mode), a story mode with fictional characters (Lukas Weber and Devon Butler), a Senna vs. Prost challenge mode, car livery customization for online racing, a race highlight reel and more.

F1 2019 will ship out on June 28, available on PS4, XBox One and Windows PC.

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