New Mercedes-Benz GLE Vies For German SUV Supremacy – Does It Win?

The all-new Mercedes GLE has arrived in the market armed with an impressive array of technologies and a modern design inside and out, but first it has to prove itself against every fellow German premium SUV currently available.

Carwow pitted the 2019 GLE against the BMW X5, Audi Q7 and VW Touareg to find out which is the best new premium SUV in the market right now.

Although it is the oldest of them all, the Q7 remains surprisingly competitive and despite having a cabin that looks dated compared to its more recent rivals. Quality however remains one of the best in the class.

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The Touareg shares most of its oily bits with the Q7 and has a flashy interior with a huge touchscreen display, but the materials used inside feel cheaper than you might expect. However, VW’s biggest SUV is the cheaper of the lot, so this can be partly justified.

The new X5 has been praised a lot for its high-quality interior and its clear layout, even if the design might seem a bit safe. It is also the only SUV of the group that manages to offer a sporty driving experience without getting left behind too much in the comfort department.

As for the new GLE, it manages to offer one of the most impressive-to-look-at cabins in the segment, blending the dual displays with clever ambient lighting but the material quality in some areas is not the best.

So, who goes home with the crown of the best German premium SUV? Let’s find out…


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