Nissan GT-R Wants To Show Lamborghini Urus Who’s The Boss

You know all hell’s about to break loose when you see a high-end sports car at the start line next to a high-performance SUV. The protagonists, in this case, were a Nissan GT-R and a Lamborghini Urus.

The two raced each other in a straight line in the Lower Rhine region of Germany, at Weeze, a small airfield, during the 2019 Spring Event – and the run was recorded and shared online for everyone to see.

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You can take a look at it in the video posted at the bottom of the page, which we’ll get to in a minute. First, we have to give credit to the driver of the GT-R, who seem to know his way around such cars, after teaching an important lesson to a Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta a few minutes before meeting the high-riding Lambo.

As for the Urus, it stretched its legs against another powerful machine: the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63. Mind you, that race was very close, unlike the one against the Godzilla, which had a very clear winner.

Naturally, the GT-R is no lightweight, but in this case it has a massive advantage, coming it at about half a ton (1,100 lbs) less than the Urus, whereas the latter is a bit more powerful and features more modern tech. Still, the Godzilla is more than able to hold its own on the drag strip, so the Lambo must put in quite a performance to beat it. Did it manage to do so? Well, what do you think?


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