Nissan’s Rear Door Alert Will Honk So That You Don’t Forget Someone Or Something Inside

Nissan wants its customers to know that its Rear Door Alert (RDA) system can definitely come in handy if for some reason you’ve forgotten something (or someone) you shouldn’t have on the backseat.

The problem is that even when outside temperatures drop in the 60s (16c), a car’s interior can still capture dangerous levels of heat, and do so rather quickly. But odds are that hearing your car honk at you will definitely get your attention in time, if or when need be.

Currently, RDA is available in ten Nissan nameplates: Altima, Armada, LEAF, Murano, Maxima, Pathfinder, Rogue, Rogue Sport (2019.5) and the Titan (in both King Cab and Crew Cab configurations). For the 2020 model year, you can also get it on the all-new Versa, where it is standard on the SV and SR trim levels.

Going forward, the system will be available on all of the Japanese automaker’s four-door trucks, sedans and SUV models by the year 2022.

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As for how it works, it does so by monitoring when a rear door is opened and closed, both before and after the vehicle is in motion. If somebody uses a rear door before a trip, and fails to open it after the vehicle is parked, the system will remind the driver about the door, using a notification in the instrument panel.

If the driver fails to notice that and proceeds to exit the vehicle without opening the rear door, the system will use distinctive chirps of the horn in order to draw his or her attention.

Depending on which Nissan model you own, you can use either the cluster display menu or a separated RDA switch in order to turn on the system – which can function both temporarily and permanently.

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