Niva 4×4 California Is A Lada You Might Actually Want To Buy

Lada has quite a lot of history behind it, having been founded way back in 1970. However, it really only made basic cars – and “desirable” was never a word associated with any of them .

The Lada concept pictured here shows what a vehicle from the Russian company that you’d really want to buy for its looks might have been like.

The Lada 4×4 Niva California was sent in to us by reader Den Dizil. It was published on Behance back in early 2018, but was actually first designed in 2016. Despite that, it still looks very modern and, in our humble opinion, doesn’t look bad at all.

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Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about the vehicle is just how compact it is. While it is technically a five-door, the two rear doors are centered right over the rear wheels. This would likely compromise headroom in the second row, but the layout is mandated by the short wheelbase that is meant to help it tackle difficult off-road terrain – just like its (ancient, by today’s standards) namesake.

At the rear, the concept does somewhat remind us of current Volvo SUVs, although the taillights point down towards the bumper rather than extending up the D-pillars. The front includes circular LED headlights and a silver scuff plate, while in a handful of renderings, the car also includes a white roof and white wing mirrors.

As much as we’d love to see this car become a reality, it likely never will as Lada previewed a potential new Niva last year in the form of the 4×4 Vision Concept that bears absolutely no resemblance to the California. Nice try, though…

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