No, Bugatti Won’t Build You An One-Off Model On Request

Bugatti isn’t keen on taking the same path with Ferrari as far as one-off specials go, according to the company’s head of special projects.

Speaking to Autocar, Pierre Rommelfanger said that while committed to modern coachbuilding, Bugatti won’t take requests for one-off models from its clients. Instead, Rommelfanger and his team meet with the company’s most important customers to listen to their feedback in order to decide what will the next special project be.

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That means that even the wealthiest of customers can’t visit the Bugatti factory and order their personal one-off dream car. Bugatti isn’t Ferrari.

“As a designer, I could get my head easily around saying yes to [customer requests],” said Achim Anscheidt, Bugatti’s head of design. “As an overall company structure, I think that could be something difficult for Bugatti just to make that work. Just putting one prototype-ish car together and then giving it to the people would be way too irresponsible. So that sounds exotic and flamboyant, but it’s actually, in reality, easier said than done.”

Bugatti knows that demand for its one-off special models will always eclipse the supply; Rommelfanger said that there is a line of collectors ready to buy a Divo, in case one of the 40 original customers cancels the order.

The Bugatti Divo was first revealed in 2018, with the first deliveries set to take place in 2020. The La Voitture Noire will be ready for its owner in 2021 while the more recent Centodieci won’t enter production until 2022.

So far, Bugatti managed to sell 51 one-off and few-off special models based on the Chiron, which proves that the historic car maker’s coachbuilding strategy is working as it should.

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