Out Of Control RV Goes Flying Into Departing Ferry, Driver Gets Killed

A bizarre accident occurred in Quebec earlier this week when a speeding RV hit a ramp at the Tadoussac ferry crossing and was launched onto a departing ferry.

Video from the incident shows a number of people milling around the rear of the boat as it departs the harbor, while the RV can be seen speeding down a hill and approaching the boat launch.

After it goes airborne, passengers on the ferry look up and take cover the best they can. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much the driver could do so the RV crashed into the rear of the ferry and a Ford F-150 that was parked onboard.

CBC News reports that police believe the RV suffered some kind of mechanical problem. That seems possible and it wouldn’t be surprising if the brakes failed.

Regardless of what happened, the driver of the RV was killed. That’s unfortunate, but Éric Belec is being praised as a hero for honking his horn to alert pedestrians to get out of the way.

At least one witness also said Belec tried to stop, or at least slow down, the RV by purposely crashing into metal gates along the side of the road. Unfortunately, that didn’t bring the vehicle to a halt.

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While Belec was killed as a result of the crash, a female passenger that was hit managed to survive, although according to the doctors she’s still in critical condition.

Tadoussac’s mayor believes the situation could have been much worse as the ferry was full, and commented on the timing, saying that “if [the ferry] had taken off two seconds before, or two seconds later, the outcome could have been entirely different.”

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