Philly PD Needs Your Help Identifying Man Who Fired Shots At Car

An unknown male assailant fired his gun at a stationary vehicle this past weekend at approximately 11:30 PM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The occupants of the car were reportedly waiting for AAA to arrive.

Footage released by the Philadelphia PD shows how two unknown black males walk past the car initially, only for one of them to turn around and run back towards the vehicle with a gun in his hand. He then proceeds to fire shots into the back window before fleeing on foot.

The victims had to be taken to an area hospital and treated for gunshot wounds. Based on the nature of this shooting, they’re extremely fortunate to have survived, seen as how the shots were fired at what appears to be headrest-level.

Keep an eye out for this man

According to the police, the suspect is a “Black male, light complexion, thin build, 20-30 years of age, beard, possible tattoo on left side of neck/near shoulder area and possible tattoo at the top of his black, closer to the neck, wearing a light colored t-shirt, light colored shorts and sneakers with reflective strips.”

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Authorities are also instructing the public not to approach in case anybody recognizes either of these two suspects. Instead, you should contact 911 immediately and make sure not to confront them. If you already have information regarding this crime or the two suspects, you are advised to contact the Northwest Detective Division at 215-686-3353/3354 and ask for Detective Hughes.


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