Pickup Design Creates The Perfect Bike Rack For The Mercedes X-Class

Carlex Design has unveiled an eye-catching bicycle rack for the Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck.

The rack has been designed by the tuner’s Pickup Design division and is rather unconventional, particularly for a truck with a spacious bed like the one on the Merc.

Owners of the Nissan Navara-based pickup could easily wheel in a pair of bicycles into the bed of the X-Class and call it a day. However, Pickup Design’s solution consists of a set of large bike racks that sit atop the bed and in line with the roof of the cabin. Actually, getting the bikes up so high could be a little bit of a challenge, but securing them above the bed means they don’t get in the way of anything else one might want to carry in the tray.

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The roof rack also looks pretty nice, especially when affixed to the off-road focused X-Class from Carlex Design which is depicted in some of these renderings.

One interesting thing you may not immediately notice about the roof rack is that the rear portion actually doubles as a ramp whose tilting mechanism is electrically controlled through a remote. The rack’s structure is made from powder-coated steel and also includes some aluminum parts.

Of course, this doesn’t come cheap, as it costs a rather hefty €4,995 ($5,626). We can only imagine the most enthusiastic of X-Class-owning cyclists considering dropping so much cash on something which isn’t even entirely necessary to haul bikes in the first place. Then again, if you go for the Merc instead of its humbler siblings, money is not your first priority, so why not do it in style?

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