Playboy Model Drives Her Lamborghini Huracan Into Pool, Blames Her High Heels

If the name Soraja Vucelic doesn’t ring any bells that’s perfectly fine since we’re talking about a Playboy model who was once linked to soccer superstar Neymar Jr.

The reason we bring her up is her most recent feat which includes a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, high heels, and poor driving skills. While on vacation in the south of France in the resort town of Cannes, she got behind the wheel of her supercar wearing high heels.

Not a good idea in any car, let alone a V10-powered Italian thoroughbred. Unsurprisingly, while parking the car next to a swimming pool her right foot slipped off the brake pedal and the car plunged into the water.

A video she posted recently on her Instagram account shows the aftermath of the crash right after the Huracan Spyder was lifted out of the pool. It looks like Ms. Vucelic does not regret the incident that much, judging by the humorous tone of caption that accompanies the video: “When your high heel slips from the brake and the Lambo ends up in the pool.”

The car does not look very damaged but being submerged in water is not something it was designed for and some costly repairs are probably necessary to make it run again.

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Obviously, not many of her followers showed the former Playboy model turned reality star any sympathy, with the general conclusion being that she can afford to laugh at her stupid behavior because she was not the one who paid for the car. Currently, Soraja Vucelic is dating the son of a Russian oligarch so it’s safe to assume she won’t have any trouble getting a replacement for the flooded Lambo.


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