Potentially Over-Polluting Opel Corsa And Adam Recalled In Germany

Opel has just issued a large recall that affects the gasoline-powered Adam and previous-gen Corsa, which were developed during the General Motors era.

Citing undisclosed sources, BildAmSonntag reported, quoted by Bloomberg, that the country’s automotive regulator has ordered the automaker to call back certain small hatchbacks from the 2018 and 2019 model years. The safety campaign is thought to include about 210,000 vehicles, 54,000 of which are in Germany.

Identified by the company’s quality assessment, the problem is blamed on the Lambda controls that might not be “sufficiently robust” at high speeds and, in vehicles with more than 50,000 km (31,000 miles), might actually exceed the permitted nitrogen oxide limits in their expected lifespan. This info has been confirmed to the news outlet by an Opel spokesperson.

According to the same representative, the German automaker has already started informing owners of the Corsa and Adam affected by this issue in April. However, this concerns only the cars located in Germany and it’s unknown whether the same has been done in other countries as well; thus, clients in possession of a 2018-2019 petrol-powered Corsa and Adam should get in touch with Opel. Upon identifying the problem, all cars will be fixed, free of charge.

Last fall, Opel was forced by the local transport ministry to issue a recall for almost 100,000 diesel-powered vehicles in Europe, such as the Cascada, Insignia and Zafira in Europe, as they were found to use illegal emissions defeat devices.

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