Quick Thinking School Bus Driver Grabs And Saves Kid From Reckless Motorist

A quick-thinking bus driver in the United States has been praised online for helping to save the life of a young kid.

Footage shows the driver of the yellow school bus stop on the side of the road to let out a child. As the doors of the bus begin to open, the kid starts to run down the stairs to quickly jump off. However, the bus driver was able to see a white sedan in her mirrors illegally traveling on the right side of the bus and failing to stop.

Acting almost instantly, the bus driver grabs onto the hoodie of the kid, preventing him from exiting the bus and potentially being hit by the car.

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Drivers in the United States are not permitted to overtake school buses pulled over to the side of roadways with their lights on in an effort to ensure kids and enter and exit buses without any danger. However, it is an all-too-common issue for motorists to illegally overtake school buses, putting lives at risk.

It’s difficult to determine if the kid in this video would have actually been hit by the white sedan if the bus driver didn’t stop him from exiting. However, that’s not the point and the onus is on other motorists to drive carefully when near school buses and not on bus drivers or occupants to ensure roadways are kept clear. The driver of this white sedan should be counting their lucky stars that they didn’t injure or even kill someone.


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