Red Bull Pit Crew Change All Four Tires At Just 1.88 Seconds!

Just two weeks after Aston Martin Red Bull Racing set a new record for the fastest Formula 1 pitstop, the racing outfit broke its own record by changing all four tires on Max Verstappen’s car in 1.88 seconds at the German Grand Prix over the weekend.

This clip, filmed from a viewing area directly above Red Bull’s pitbox, shows the team quickly replace the car’s intermediate tires with slicks as the circuit began to dry during the action-packed race. Everything happens so fast that we actually recommend watching the video at 0.25x speed to see how seamlessly every member of the pit crew works.

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Perhaps those with the most pressure on their shoulders are the members of the pitcrew with the wheel guns. In less than two seconds, they are required to spin off the old wheels and tighten up the new wheels. One wrong move or small mistake and the team could lose precious seconds where fractions of a second can make for huge differences out on the track.

It’s also interesting how some members of the pitcrew’s sole responsibility is to take off the wheel while another crew member slides on the new wheel. It really is like poetry in motion.

Red Bull Racing had a very successful race in Germany, with Max Verstappen taking the victory after a slew of errors from the Mercedes and Ferrari teams and drivers that cost them dearly. For instance, Mercedes were forced to keep Hamilton in his pitbox for 50 seconds during a stop to replace a broken front wing.


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