Renault Project XY-2 Can Fit Two – But They Won’t See Or Be Seen

The invention of autonomous driving technologies could drastically alter the way in which vehicles are designed in the future, and the so-called Renault Project XY-2 from Hawon Jang offers one take on how cars could look.

Whereas traditional cars are made up of an interior surrounded by glass surfaces, the XY-2 is a little different. In fact, there initially doesn’t appear to be any kind of interior as the outside is dominated by sleek silver bodywork. Looks, though, can be deceiving – and in this case, they sure are.

The concept has been designed to accommodate a rather spacious cabin which is hidden under a large section of the bodywork that lifts off the car. Inside you will find a pair of small seats which, in their regular position, are divided by a black wall. When the seats are slid backward, they join together, making things a little intimate inside.

While self-driving systems will certainly allow car manufacturers to create novel cabin layouts, we’re not sold on the idea of not having any view of the outside world when being driven around by cameras, sensors, and computers. If anything, it must be a bit claustrophobic…

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The Renault which most closely mimics the concept pictured is the EZ-Ultimo, which was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last year. That vehicle had an interior which looked more like a lounge room than a place where people sit in traffic.

However, the XY-2 clearly isn’t a vehicle designed to suit today’s roads, but instead looks far into the future, where cars may share almost no resemblance to the ones we have today. And maybe they won’t be classified as “cars” anymore, either…

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