Richard Hammond Will Take The Ranger Raptor Anywhere – Including A Dinner Party

Drive Tribe has partnered with Ford for a handful of sponsored videos that aired in recent weeks – and now another video featuring, once again, Richard Hammond and the Ranger Raptor, has just been released.

The first video involved Hammond ferrying a number of his colleagues to an event in the off-road-focused pickup truck, while the second starred his two daughters and included a segment of him taking the pickup truck off-road. This latest video follows much the same formula and shows The Hamster going to a fancy dinner party with his wife.

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Despite that, he does take the chance to do some Ranger Raptor off-roading yet again, this time in a bid to find a shortcut. They eventually arrive in time, but the Ford is covered in mud and Hammond’s wife looks rather disheveled because of The Grand Tour host’s driving.

The new Ranger Raptor is far from the ideal vehicle to drive to a sophisticated dinner party; it isn’t even the best car in Ford’s extended stable for such a job, but it seems obvious the Blue Oval is eager to let the world know its pickup truck can rise to any occasion.

Powering the most powerful version of the Ranger is a 2.0-liter, twin-turbocharged diesel four with 210 HP and 368 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque. Today, these figures are hardly anything to write home about, but the truth is you don’t really need much more power for a mid-size pickup.


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