Road Rules 101: Red Lights Do Apply To Cyclists As Well

You know what’s even more dangerous than running a red light? Running a red light when you’re on two wheels and your only safety gear is a bicycle helmet.

On one hand, the fact that this guy was on a bicycle and not a motorcycle definitely helped keep the deceleration forces low. Had he been going really fast, he would probably have been flung much further and possibly injured – or worse…

Instead, the cyclist collided with the BMW X3 and was thrown over the hood and onto the tarmac, bouncing back to an almost upright position almost immediately, indicating that he wasn’t seriously injured, as is also stated in the description of the video.

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The incident took place in Zelenograd, Russia and it’s quite clear that the cyclist is 100% at fault for what happened. Thanks to the angle provided by the dashcam footage, we can see how that side of the road has a red light and no other vehicles are entering the intersection from that direction.

It’s also likely that the X3 driver didn’t even see the cyclist until it was too late, given how fast the latter was going while lane-splitting – any vehicle to the left of the dashcam car would have obstructed visibility for the person driving that BMW.


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