Rolls-Royce Is Making A One-Off Special Phantom For Its 115th Birthday

Rolls-Royce and RM Sotheby’s have revealed that a bespoke 2020 Rolls-Royce Phantom will be auctioned off this fall to celebrate the 115th birthday celebration of the British car manufacturer.

A single teaser image, in the form of a design sketch, has been released of the one-off Phantom. It shows that the vehicle will be painted in a bright shade of red but limited other exterior details are visible. However, we do expect to see a number of other elements which denote the one-off’s significance, including distinctive badging.

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According to Rolls-Royce, the car will include “an original hand-crafted leather work of art” in the cabin. The presence of a red exterior leads us to believe that Rolls-Royce will likely throw in a number of red accents throughout the car’s interior. The cabin should also include special door sills and a handful of custom plaques. While we don’t expect the company to cover the cabin with parts denoting the car as a one-off, it will surely include some references to its distinctive character.

Buying a Rolls-Royce Phantom is something only the wealthiest people could ever dream of and prices for bog-standard models start at approximately $450,000. Once you start ticking those expensive options boxes, prices can easily soar to well over $600,000. With this in mind, there’s every chance that the one-off Phantom bound for the auction block will be sold for in excess of $1 million, a decent amount more than the $780,000 which was paid for the very first eight-generation Phantom to roll off the production line.


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