Russian Army Cops Attempt 180-Degree Reverse Turn – And Fail Spectacularly

Performing a 180-degree turn while reversing is very tricky and, apart from driving skills, requires that you have a car with a chassis and suspension that can deal with such sudden changes of direction and momentum.

It’s safe to say that the Lada Vesta is not one such car, especially since it doesn’t have a very low center of gravity. Then there’s the speed at which this maneuver was attempted; it’s no wonder the car flipped over as violently as it did.

According to Autorambler, the stunt took place during a Russian Army Police demonstration, which may have been taking place for promotional purposes, hence the drone camera. The Russian Army Police, by the way, is the branch of law enforcement that deals with escorting army trucks and personnel, among other things.

The Russian outlet also specifies that this maneuver is meant to combine a traditional police turn with the instant evasion of a rocket that’s been fired at the vehicle.

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Of course, not all vehicles are designed to handle these types of turns – and if this was a quiz, then the Lada Vesta would have definitely gotten an F. In other words, let’s just say that movies like Baby Driver wouldn’t have looked as good if the producers would have gone with a Lada instead of a Subaru Impreza WRX.

In the end, the small Russian sedan landed back on its wheels and people rushed to help out the driver and passenger who, hopefully, were not seriously injured.

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