See A Wrecked Ferrari 488 Spider From Copart Get Rebuilt

From time to time, we feature wrecked or damaged vehicles from Copart. The damage varies from vehicle to vehicle, but they can be purchased at relatively affordable prices depending on the make, model and condition.

Of course, they’ll need some work and this video from LNC Collision and Car Customization shows what can be involved.

The first clip shows the company receiving a Ferrari 488 Spider with heavy front end damage. The rest of the model appears to be in pretty good shape, but this isn’t going to be a simple or cheap fix as the structure has been damaged and a number of components are missing.

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The second video focuses on the rebuild process and it starts with workers removing the damaged front structure. Once this is done, they make a flush cut so they can weld new pieces onto the existing structure that wasn’t damaged in the crash.

With this out of the way, the car begins to take shape as new mounting brackets rare installed to replace the old damaged components. This, in turn, allows for the installation of a new hood, bumper and fenders.

The work doesn’t stop as the car has to be repainted. The company also installed new interior components as the airbags were deployed in the crash.

The end result looks great and most people would probably never know the car was involved in a collision. That being said, accidents typically affect the value of used cars so the model probably won’t be worth as much as an undamaged 488 Spider.


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