Semi Smashes Vehicles Ahead Like Bowling Pins, Court Rules It Wasn’t Its Driver’s Fault

Shocking footage of a major crash surfaced recently on social media serving as yet another reminder of how wrong things can go when drivers don’t keep a safe following distance.

The violent accident happened more than five years ago on a U.S. highway, but the dashcam footage taken from a semi truck has only now been uploaded online. It shows the truck following a white pickup for a while when, all of a sudden a red SUV makes a lane change, forcing the semi driver to slam on the brakes.

Despite the fact that traffic ahead had already stopped independently of the SUV’s questionable lane change, the truck driver got taken by surprise and despite the hard braking he could not stop in time. At that point, the vehicles ahead were like pins on a bowling lane and the truck was the ball that took three of them down — including the red SUV.

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Remarkably, the driver of the white pickup noticed the semi coming from behind and switched lanes at the last minute, avoiding a potentially deadly situation. Fortunately, there were no casualties at all, just one reported injury — the lady who exited the red SUV scraped her left elbow on broken glass when getting out of the car but other than that she was okay.

Before starting a conversation about who was to blame for the entire mess, you should know that, according to the video uploader, the trucker was initially ticketed but a court dismissed any charges against him after watching the dashcam footage. Instead, the driver of the red SUV was found guilty of making an illegal lane change by not allowing enough room.


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