Semi Truck Somehow Fails To See Huge Arrow Sign, Crashes And Flips Over

Dramatic CCTV footage has captured the moment a huge semi-truck rolled over after crashing into a construction vehicle blocking off a lane on a U.S. motorway.

The video starts out by showing a large roadwork truck with a flashing yellow arrow sign informing motorists the right two lanes of the motorway are closed up ahead. Most motorists are able to easily see the flashing light and change lanes but the driver of one particular semi-truck didn’t realize until it was too late.

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The rear-facing CCTV camera shows the semi traveling in the second-most right lane of the highway, directly alongside another truck carrying a large shipping container. The driver of the semi immediately slams on the brakes of the truck after noticing the work truck. The driver then tries to swerve out of the way but it was a little too late as the truck’s trailer clips the roadwork vehicle and proceeds to roll over. The incident left the bridge shaking.

Fortunately, it only took approximately 10-minutes for police to arrive on the scene of the crash. The second half of the video is filmed from cameras facing in the opposite direction and reveals that the motorway’s two right lanes were closed off just after a sweeping right-hand bend. Online commentators believe the driver of the semi perhaps had their vision blocked by the truck next to them and couldn’t see the work vehicle until the very last second.


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