Sideways Master Dean Kearney Drifts 1,350 HP Viper – In The Rain!

It’s true that there’s been no shortage of videos from the Goodwood Festival of Speed during the past couple of weeks, but if you’re a fan of sports cars with huge amounts of power and drivers with amazing skills, we think you’ll really appreciate this one.

That’s because it shows a Dodge Viper drift car snaking its way up the famous British hillclimb – in the wet!

As if driving a Viper sideways wasn’t difficult enough, the rain-soaked pavement would have made it even difficult, but Dean Kearney, who was at the helm, made it look easy.

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Kearney can be seen sliding back and forth of the start line and proceeds to make his way up the hill without trouble. He was even brave enough to slide the car through the difficult flint wall section of the course, clearly not concerned with what could have gone wrong if he was a little over-zealous with the throttle.

The drifting ace recently brought his special Viper to the Hoonicorn garage and revealed a number of interesting details about it.

For starters, it retains the iconic V10, but the powertrain has been updated with a pair of turbochargers, custom camshafts, a new crank, pistons, rods, and more. It pumps out approximately 1,350 hp on 16 pounds of boost and can easily chew through its rear tires in fifth gear!

We can only begin to imagine how precise a driver’s inputs would have to be to control this much power in wet conditions.


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