Silent Killer: Arguus Scarabée Is Not Just Another Military Vehicle

Military vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, but this French one, dubbed the Arquus Scarabée, while adopting the latest trends in the field (pun intended…), has some extra tricks up its sleeve as well.

The covers were first taken off about 12 months ago, but Jalopnik reports that its first video of the vehicle has only just been released, and it shows the Scarabée driving through a makeshift course which highlights its maneuverability.

What makes the Scarabée unique from other military vehicles is that it features four-wheel steering. Footage shows that, when the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front, the vehicle is capable of exceptionally tight turning. Should the driver wish, all four wheels can turn in the same direction so the vehicle can move laterally.

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Details concerning its powertrain are limited, but it is reportedly driven by a diesel engine with some form of electrification. This means it can bealso driven silently, presumably allowing it to creep up close to the enemy without being heard. Smart…

The Scarabée is compact enough to fit inside a military aircraft yet still offers comfortable seating for four. It also comes equipped with an adjustable suspension to ensure it can tackle all kinds of different terrains without getting stuck.

Arquus has been building vehicles for the French Army for more than 50 years and it is presumed that the Scarabée will be adopted by the French military at some stage in the future. It certainly looks the part and, this video, while only showing the vehicle driving across gravel, indicates that it should be more than capable of dealing with the battlefield.


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