Silver Ferrari 488 Pista With Red Carbon Accents Will Leave You Breathless

Sometimes its worth doing things a little differently – and when it came to speccing out a Ferrari 488 Pista, that’s exactly what the owner of this example did.

Whereas most Ferraris are finished in red or yellow, this 488 Pista is finished in a glistening shade of silver. It is not the silver paint which makes this Ferrari stand out, though.

Those purchasing a 488 Pista have the option of a wide-ranging of exterior trimmings to make their vehicle stand out. This particular owner decided to have the mid-engine V8 supercar equipped with white and red racing stripes painted onto the bodywork and running from the front splitter over to the rear decklid.

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From there, red carbon fiber accents are aplenty and can be found across parts of the front bumper, the rear bumper and the side skirts. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the owner was so committed to the silver and red carbon fiber theme that they opted to have red carbon spread throughout the engine bay as well. It looks incredible and surely makes this Pista unlike any other.

In recent years, colored carbon fiber has become very popular for owners of supercars and hypercars. Car manufacturers like Pagani, Koenigsegg and McLaren have become experts at painting carbon fiber to give the material some added flair. Developments have also been made in the world of carbon fiber in recent years to dye and color the material itself meaning painting carbon isn’t the only way to have it finished in different colors.

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