Skoda Develops Car Sharing Platform For University Students

Uniqway is Skoda’s brand new car-sharing platform aimed at students who don’t want to commit to car ownership while in college. The service is the first of its kind in Europe and it is currently being run across three universities in Prague.

Through Uniqway, both students as well as faculty members can simply “pay as they go”. The mobility service is available from £1.03 ($1.31) per hour, plus 17p (22 cents) for every kilometer driven. The fee however will go down if you use the car for greater distances.

What do I need to know?

If you’re a student for example, you can simply sign up for the service using your student ID, and be instantly connected to an available vehicle that you can borrow via an app. Length and distance of the rental period are tracked, and payment for the service is handled directly through the app.

As for pick up and drop off points, they can be found in assigned areas near university buildings, halls of residence and free parking areas around the city.

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Skoda developed Uniqway at its innovation center (DigiLab), while the app, the design and marketing for the service were all developed with the aid of students. The project currently utilizes a fleet of Skoda Fabia models, which were chosen because of their advanced connectivity features, good fuel economy and small size.

Developing digital mobility solutions is one of the key pillars of Skoda’s 2025 strategy, with DigiLab set to continue working alongside global start-ups, innovative enterprises, universities and innovation centers around the world.

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