Skoda Owners Can Keep Track Of Car-Sharing Children Through Geofencing

If you’re a parent and your kids are old enough to drive, then Skoda Connect’s geofencing function might be something you’d want to look into, as it can let you know if your child has ventured beyond where they initially told you they were going.

So in order to stay on top of things, all you have to do is pop open the app (on your iOS or Android device) and set an area on a map that you want your children to stay within whenever they borrow the car. This can be ideal for when parents are away on holiday and the kids stay behind, for example.

Then, you can either set a green area on the map in which the car is allowed to move freely, or simply identify a red area in which you don’t want the car driven at all. If there’s a “breach”, the owner of the vehicle then gets notified via the app on his or her smartphone.

Another thing you can do is tailor the geofencing function to be active only on specific days and at specific times. Furthermore, the app allows for multiple areas to be monitored, as parents can choose to have up to four area notifications active at the same time.

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As for other ways in which you can use the Skoda Connect app, for starters you can access a wide range of information about the status of your vehicle: fuel levels, driving data or its exact position.

Then there’s the Trip Planner function, which will check your calendar and notify you when to leave for your next appointment using real-time traffic information to guide you.

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