So You Think You Can Afford America’s Cheapest Mercedes E63 AMG?

Buying America’s cheapest Mercedes E63 AMG wagon is not a risk-free enterprise. As a matter of fact, it’s the sort of decision that’ll bring your bank manager to tears.

Even so, buying cheap exotic cars is Hoovies Garage’s thing, and Tyler Hoover couldn’t help himself from getting a 2007 E63 AMG for $13,000. The car was definitely cheap, but that’s because it had already covered 204,000 miles (328,000 km).

He would later uncover other reasons for the car’s affordable price. For example, simply driving the car home from the seller ended up costing $1,100. No, it wasn’t the fuel bill; the gateway computer failed, leaving him stranded on the road 200 miles from home, so that was the price for the replacement part.

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That was just the beginning. When Hoover took the car to another repair shop, he wanted to demonstrate to the mechanic that the traction control wasn’t working by doing a donut in the car park. That turned out to be a poor decision, as it led to the loss of power steering and a check engine error. Yep, attempting burnouts and donuts in this generation of the E63 AMG has been known to cause such problems…

Obviously, the mechanic found more issues, including minor things such as a brake stop switch and ball joint, as well as more expensive items including a leaky upper oil pan and badly worn brakes.

At the end, the total bill to sort the cheapest E63 AMG wagon was $3,750. Factor in the earlier $1,100 repair, and you’re looking at a $4,850 welcome-into-the-world-of-E63-AMG nightmare ownership. Not the best way to start a relationship, if you ask us.


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