Someone Fixed The Aston Martin Vantage’s Huge Grille “Problem”

Unlike its predecessor, which was a flawless exercise in automotive design, the latest Aston Martin Vantage features a rather controversial front end.

In particular, it has a huge gaping grille that might look OK on the Vantage GTE racer car but isn’t to everyone’s liking when it comes to the road-going version. While we don’t profess to know how many potential customers have expressed their dismay, a company actually went through the trouble of designing a new front end for the Vantage, anticipating demand for such a conversion.

Revenant Automotive says its styling package for the new Vantage “returns classical beauty to the controversially styled sports car”, tapping into the proud heritage of the brand.

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Revenant’s Aston Martin Vantage (left) alongside the stock car

The mod ditches the stock grille for a more traditional slatted metal oe in a slim opening that offers a clear family resemblance to older Astonss. Revenant argues that the new grille stands more vertical than the original mesh, giving the car a more visually balanced face. Despite the changes, the front bumper retains the shark-nose shape, ensuring the design stays modern.

The aftermarket specialist also turned its attention to the rear of the Vantage, going for a more traditional approach there as well, raising the license plate aperture slightly and, thus, allowing for a more conventional, straight design of the lower bumper area.

Revenant’s Aston Martin Vantage (right) alongside the stock car

Arguably a less extreme and more elegant solution, Revenant’s interpretation makes sure that the functional part of the stock rear diffuser remains unchanged — even though the part now houses larger exhaust tips.

Αll these changes, including the subtly updated front splitter and rear diffuser, do not affect the aerodynamic efficiency of the Vantage. That said, if you owned the baby Aston, would you be tempted by this conversion or would you stay with the factory look?

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