Someone MUST Build This Restomod Aussie Ford Falcon XB Coupe

The United States may be the country responsible for virtually the world’s iconic muscle cars, but Australia has also created some rather menacing vehicles throughout the decades. None of these are more iconic than the XB-generation Ford Falcon.

Built between 1973 and 1976, the XB Falcon was sold alongside the more luxurious Fairmont in Ford’s family. It has a brutish look which remains virtually unmatched to this day, and while it doesn’t have the following of Mustangs from a similar time period, it is about as Australian as a car can get.

Eager to show just how wild the XB Falcon can be made to look with a series of aftermarket modifications, Abimelec Design has published images of his dream Falcon. The car looks radically different than a standard one, in a bad-to-the-bone way.

One of the designer’s first points of call when creating this wild Falcon was to lower the ride height, giving the car a changed look and providing it a stance that can’t be matched by any modern performance vehicles.

Alongside the lowered suspension, this Falcon incorporates a dark green paint scheme and deep-dish wheels. Elements of the front fascia have also been blacked out and the body has been widened.

Abimelec Design even went to the trouble of rendering a unique interior for the car and incorporated wooden accents into the steering wheel and dashboard.

The Ford Falcon XB re-appeared on many people’s radars a few years ago after a heavily-modified example appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road. Unfortunately, that example wasn’t nearly as cool as this one.

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