Stop The Press: The Ferrari F8 Tributo Configurator Is Here

Ferrari has recently revealed the 710hp F8 Tributo – and for the 99 percent of us, the its online configurator is the closest we’ll ever get to speccing up one.

Nothing can be left to chance when configuring your ideal hypothetical Ferrari supercar, and we’ve tried to do just that as we delved through the multitude of colors, alloy wheel models, carbon fiber options, seats, and interior colors available for the F8 Tributo.

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As a customer, right from the start you’re faced with many dilemmas as you try to find the best color from a palette of 28 enticing hues. We went for the Blu Corsa special paint to stand out from most other (real) buyers who will order theirs in Rosso Corsa.

While at it, we also painted the roof black and opted for a carbon engine bay and carbon exterior components. Moving on to the wheels department, the 20-inch Forged Diamond Polished rims seemed to suit the car’s aggressive lines best, so we opted for those in tandem with yellow painted brake calipers.

One can’t go wrong with titanium exhaust pipes, so with that out of the way it was time to configure the cabin. Admittedly, that was a more difficult task than speccing the exterior. Given the nature of the car, we went for the the Daytona Racing carbon seats, which are the sportiest option right now.

To make the cabin look warmer, we chose the “Cuoio” interior color and spiced things up with the carbon trim upgrade, red rev counter, and a passenger display. Factor in the black floor mats with embroidered “F8 Tributo” logo and our F8 Tributo was ready. Thankfully, Ferrari’s configurator doesn’t list prices so we were spared a heart attack. So, any ideas about how you would configure yours?

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