SUV And Tow Truck Decide To Go Their Separate Ways

This incident looks a little like “Final Destination” only for cars, and with much less serious consequences. Not only did the SUV fall off the truck bed, but the tow truck itself began endangering other parked vehicles.

While we don’t have a full picture of what happened, it would appear that the vehicle wasn’t properly secured as indicated in the video’s description. It’s also possible, if not probable, that the truck didn’t have its parking brake on, which is just inviting trouble when you’re unloading something this heavy.

Run for your job

Initially, the tow truck operator attempts to hold the SUV with his bare hands, a strategy that may have worked for somebody with superpowers, but regular folk don’t have that type of arm strength. The good news is that no other vehicles appear to have been damaged, which is lucky to say the least.

As soon as the tow truck found itself without a customer out back, it began moving forward ever so slowly, directly towards a parked panel van. Thankfully, the driver managed to catch up to it and apply the brakes with hardly any time to spare – quite the accomplishment, you know, aside from all those previous mistakes.

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While we feel for the person who undoubtedly had to explain away all of these errors, the real victim here is the owner of the car, who certainly didn’t pay to have their SUV find out what a 3 foot drop feels like.


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