SUV Gets Hit By Scion xD, Flips Over Twice, Lands On Its Roof

A Reddit user has shared horrific dashcam footage that shows the moment their vehicle was slammed into by another motorist and rolled two times on a U.S. motorway.

The video, which was filmed in Wisconsin earlier this month, shows the cammer driving down a motorway in the left-most lane. About half way through the clip, the driver pulls up behind a silver Scion xD hatchback which promptly puts on its turn signal and starts to change into the right lane.

As the cammer starts to overtake the Scion, the driver of the small Japanese hatchback suddenly swerves to the left, clipping the cammer’s vehicle on the front bumper. The Scion driver then appears to over-correct and slams into the side of the cammer’s car which, based on its height, must have been an SUV. As you can watch in the clip, the impact was hard.

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Immediately after the collision, the cammer is spun around and slides backwards and into a grass area on the side of the motorway. The vehicle’s wheels and tires dig into dirt and grass causing it to flip two times before coming to a rest on its roof.

Writing about the incident on Reddit, the cammer says he believes the Scion driver lost control of their vehicle .

“I honestly think he lost control from the initial swerve. The first swerve into me clipped the side of my vehicle just a little bit and I think that caused him to panic/over correct and lose control,” the owner wrote.


High speed roll over

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