Tanner Foust And Genesis G70 Recreate Stunt From ‘Baby Driver’

Last week, Genesis came out with its ‘Art of the Stunt’ three-part video series featuring the 2019 G70. The idea was to recreate classic driving scenes from iconic movies, and then show the viewers how it was all done through an additional behind-the-scenes video.

For this endeavor, Genesis teamed up with Donut Media, as well as award-winning film industry veterans and professional drivers, such as Tanner Foust, who also starred in the first episode of the series.

“The Genesis G70 embodies the spirit of thrilling driving, so it was only natural to put its dynamics to the test with a high-performance stunt,” said Genesis Motor America marketing boss Kate Fabian.

This second installment of the video series seesFoust pay tribute to an iconic scene from the movie Baby Driver. The scene involved attempting a spectacular “180-reverse-to-drift” maneuver within inches of a truck.

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In terms of skill, Foust executed the maneuver perfectly (no surprise there…), however, we went back and looked at the opening 6 minutes of Baby Driver and it appears as though Genesis actually replicated some of the protagonist’s more generic drifting maneuvers. In the movie, the character did do a genuine 180 drift turn at one point, which looked a little different than what was attempted here.

Meanwhile, the first ‘Art of the Stunt’ episode featured a more spectacular stunt from the Fast and the Furious. As for the third and final installment of the series, it will be released next week on June 19.


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