Tata Says Jaguar Land Rover Should Pursue New Partnerships

Jaguar Land Rover owner Tata Motors says it is open for the British car manufacturer to pursue more partnerships moving forward.

While speaking at Tata’s recent Annual General Meeting, chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran said it is important for JLR to invest in future technologies and that partnering with other companies is the best way to do this, Autocar reports.

“Like any other auto company, JLR has to invest in future technologies to address the move away from [internal combustion engines] to hybrid and electric,” Chandrasekaran said. “It also has to invest in future models, make necessary investments in areas like shared mobility, and also beyond that. That’s very important to stay alive in this ecosystem. All this means is there is a need for capital investment if you want to be future-ready. The only way to handle this need for [capital investment] is additional investment through partnerships, because we want to spread the investment. There are many discussions underway, from tactical to strategic.”

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Jaguar Land Rover recently announced a partnership with BMW to jointly develop electrified powertrain components. Additionally, certain Jaguar Land Rover models are expected to use BMW engines moving forward as well as BMW Group platforms.

Quizzed about future partnership opportunities that may arise for Jaguar Land Rover, Chandrasekaran said Tata will evaluate all potential leads.

“These opportunities keep coming and we keep evaluating every one of these opportunities and as long as it is in the interest of Tata Motors, we will forge such partnerships so that we are able to address the capex.”

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