Tesla Model S Driver Survives Harsh Head-On Collision In Spain

This horrific crash took place last week in the tunnels of Vallvidrera in Barcelona, Spain, where the driver of a grey station wagon impacted two other vehicles, one of which a white Tesla Model S.

The driver of the Tesla managed to get out almost immediately after the crash, seemingly unscathed, although almost certainly in shock. Sadly, the person behind the wheel of the station wagon did not survive, according to Spanish outlet Raco Catala.

As you can tell by following the blue car that gets struck first, it went on to hit another vehicle head-on before coming to a rest. In total, this crash resulted in one fatality and five injured parties.

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All things considered, the Tesla driver should consider themselves fortunate for being behind the wheel of such a safe and modern vehicle. Just like its Model X and Model 3 siblings, the Model S also boasts a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA, which together with its advanced Autopilot technology makes this one of the world’s safest cars.

As for why that station wagon drove directly into oncoming traffic, that remains unknown. It could be anything from a lack of attention (texting, arguing with somebody, fiddling with the controls), to sleep deprivation or even a stroke. There has yet to be an official statement on the matter.

We would also like to point out that the Tesla/its driver only applied the brakes at the exact moment of impact, which is definitely not ideal.


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