Tesla Model X Recreated On Amazing 1:10 Scale Model By Lego Technic Fan

The internet is a never-ending source of fun and information, and it’s also the place where one YouTube engineering channel that takes Lego Technic builds to the extreme has shared this Tesla Model X.

The distinctive design of the actual SUV has been recreated on a 1:10 scale, on top of a detailed cabin complete with the vertical infotainment system. But it’s the things beneath the small bricks that you’ll want to pay attention to.

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By using no less than nine small electric motors, the creator has managed to automatize the normal front and rear falcon doors, as well as the wing. The suspension has two different settings – one for normal driving and one for when the terrain gets rough, and this amazing recreation has four-wheel drive as well.

And it gets even better, as every key aspect, including the suspension, doors, wing, driving and steering can be controlled using a dedicated smartphone app. To demonstrate the awesomeness of the build, its creator has set it loose outside. Additionally, the Model X scale model was introduced to some small rocks to prove that the clever engineering behind it works like a charm.

At this point, you may be wondering where you can buy one and how much it costs, right? Well, since it doesn’t exactly have Lego’s blessing, the project cannot be found on the shelves. But for a $2 donation, the builder will send you a complete guide. You’ll also need the small electric motors for the project and, of course, the right Lego Technic parts.

If you’re interested, then perhaps you’ll want to contact RoboticLife on Facebook, get the guide, and start building your own, personal scale Model X.


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