The 1993 Ferrari Conciso Is The Prancing Horse You Never Knew Existed

The 1993 Ferrari Conciso could be one of the least well-known cars ever made from the Italian car manufacturer. Thankfully, Jay Leno recently had the opportunity to drive it and give us an insight on this rarity.

The first thing to note about the Conciso is that it is a one-off. Yes, that’s right. There is no other Ferrari like it. What’s perhaps even more fascinating about the car is that it was sold for just €109,250 ($122,325) at a Monaco auction in 2018 to its current owner.

This supercar started out life as a 328 GTS and features an aluminum alloy body shell crafted by Bernd Michalak, an expert Ferrari body maker in Italy.

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Now, Michalak looked to create something unique, so he deleted all body panels and replaced them with what he deemed was absolutely necessary. Consequently, the Conciso features exceptionally short front and rear overhangs, no doors, and only has a tiny windshield. According to its owner, it weighs about 800 lbs (362 kg) less than a standard 328 GTS, tipping the scales at a featherweight 1,960 lbs (889 kg).

Powering the car is the standard 3.2-liter naturally-aspirated V8 of the 328 that pumps out 270 HP, mated to the stock five-speed manual transmission and driving the rear wheels.

Before the car landed in the hands of its current owner, it was sold to a collector in North America, where it resided until 1998. It was then acquired by a Belgian collector who displayed it in his living room until he auctioned it off in 2018.


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