The Bugatti Divo Actually Looks Good As A Front-Engined GT

Bugatti has nailed the recipe for creating the perfect GT hypercar in the past 15 years, first with the Veyron and now the Chiron.

Naturally, both are mid-engined. However, what if the powers-that-be at Molsheim decided to do a front-engined grand tourer that adheres to their current design language? To give us an idea, Rain Prisk has designed this: a Divo with its engine up front – and it looks intriguing.

Naturally, the Divo’s proportions have been comprehensively modified. The front is now much longer in order to fit the huge 16-cylinder, quad-turbo engine. Similarly, the rear half of the car has been altered and is more upright than the real thing. The lack of an engine behind the seats also means that the roof continues uninterrupted down to the rear decklid, as there’s no need for the massive amount of cooling it requires.

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The French automaker is said to be working on a second mode,l but this vehicle won’t look anything like this rendering. Instead, current reports indicate that they might develop a crossover which would share some parts with the Lamborghini Urus, although Bugatti’s version could be a two-door and be both smaller and lighter than its Italian sibling. Power, however, might be provided by the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, possibly with some form of electrification to further increase performance (and contribute in the much-needed corporate emissions reduction).

It is also claimed that Bugatti is considering a modern-day Royale based on a stretched version of the architecture used by the Porsche Taycan, with an all-electric powertrain that would deliver close to 900 HP.

However, neither the Urus-based crossover or the new Royale have been confirmed for production – and there’s always the chance that the second distinct model in the range will be something totally different like, say, a smaller supercar.

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