The Lamborghini Urus Works Good As A Two-Door, Don’t You Think?

Lamborghini is thought to be developing a family of new Urus models but one model which doesn’t appear to be on the cards is a two-door version of the SUV.

The Lamborghini Urus is perhaps the most aggressive and eye-catching SUV currently on the market. It also happens to be one of the fastest, capable of frightening speeds which were once reserved for mid-engined supercars. Much to our surprise, the exterior design of the Urus actually looks better with two fewer doors.

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The following rendering comes from Car News Network on Instagram and shows what a more driver-focused version of the Urus could look like. The rendering artist could have simply removed the door doors, extended the front doors, and called it a day. Instead, the artist has retained the same front doors as the standard Urus and actually shortened the vehicle’s wheelbase to give it more attractive proportions. We imagine the shorter wheelbase could also make the Urus even more enjoyable to drive.

Of course, it would make very little sense for Lamborghini to build a two-door Urus, unless it somehow managed to retain the same amount of space for rear-seat passengers. If the deletion of the two rear doors also meant the rear seats were removed, you’d be better off buying a Lamborghini Huracan for similar money.

One new version of the Urus that we know Lamborghini is developing is the ST-X. This vehicle was previewed as a concept last year and will make up a one-make racing series to be launched in 2020. A Lamborghini Urus with a hybrid powertrain is also being developed.

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