The Mighty Diablo GT Is The Most Hairy-Chested Lambo Of All Time

Lamborghinis of old remain as striking than ever, and one of the most striking Lambos to ever roll a wheel on the road must be the Diablo GT, the ultimate version of the 1990s Italian supercar.

The Lamborghini Diablo GT was produced in just 80 examples as the last hurrah for the model before getting replaced by the Murcielago. Unlike other final edition supercars, the Diablo GT was also a proper ground-up rebuild that made it a closer relative to the GT2 race car of the period than a ‘regular’ Diablo.

If you have a Diablo-sized hole in your garage and want to experience one of the most hairy-chested supercars that ever came out of Italy, head to RM Auctions’ Abu Dhabi event on November 30.

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The naturally aspirated V12 engine was stroked from 5.7 to 6.0 liters, with Lamborghini replacing many components with motorsport-grade ones. The intake was completely revised, featuring individual throttle bodies and a carbon-fiber plenum that draws air directly from the roof intake.

Other upgrades included new intake and exhaust camshafts, an improved variable valve timing system, stronger conrods made from titanium, a lighter crankshaft and a new exhaust sustem. Combine this with a reprogrammed ECU and the now angrier V12 engine produces 575 HP and 464 lb-ft (630 Nm) of torque.

The Diablo GT is also the last V12 Lamborghini with rear-wheel drive as the company ditched the all-wheel drive system of the regular car to save weight. To top it all up, the only transmission option was a five-speed open-gate manual that featured a slightly canted gear lever for easier use and faster changes.

The bodywork is made almost exclusively out of carbon fiber, featuring a completely revised aero agenda; that included a new front fascia with larger air intakes, wider front fenders to accommodate the also wider track, a unique vent on the bonnet for the new oil cooler, and of course that massive rear diffuser and model-specific rear wing. The only shared bodywork between the Diablo GT and the regular Diablo is the roof and the signature scissor doors.

The cabin is choked in carbon fiber too as the door cards, door sills and center console were made from the lightweight material while the steering wheel was smaller in diameter. As standard the Diablo GT came with body-hugging bucket seats as standard but car number 73 out of 80 you see here features the optional standard Diablo seats, which are considered more desirable by collectors.

The pictured car is finished in Black Rage over a black-yellow leather interior. It currently shows just 6.600 km on the odometer and is described to be in a totally original condition, aside from the upgraded audio system.

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