The Mini Cooper Could Work As A Mid-Engined Supercar – If Only…

Mini is highly unlikely to ever launch a supercar, but this rendering from The Sketch Monkey shows that the British company’s current design language actually translates quite well into a performance car radically different than any of the company’s other vehicles.

One common design trait shared between all Minis are the distinctive headlights and they are definitely present here, albeit altered to be more oval in shape and somewhat similar to what you’d find on a Porsche 911.

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The proportions of the vehicle are also rather intriguing. The hood is exceptionally short and does share some resemblance to the front fascia of the Alpine A110. Additionally, the concepts incorporates narrow and long side windows that flow into a short rear decklid with almost no overhang past the retro-inspired rear wheels.

Of course, there’s not the slightest chance such a thing will ever come to pass. Not only would it be at odds with all other Minis; mother company BMW itself is, apparently, not interested in entering this niche ever since the legendary M1, the only supercar in its entire history, was axed in 1981.

In June, the German car manufacturer said the presence of the new M8 in its line-up meant there was no real need for it to produce a supercar. Just two weeks later, the Vision M Next concept was presented and, according to some reports, may reach the production car as a hybrid sports car with approximately 600 HP.

A supercar is, however, much more than sheer horsepower; it’s all about certain characteristics, like OTT design, aggressive handling and many more that, apparently, Munich is not interested in right now, and, naturally, the same applies to its British subsidiary.


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