There Are Over 6,000 Chevrolet C7 Corvettes Sitting On Dealership Lots

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray may be the talk of the town right now but those wanting to purchase a new ‘Vette before the C8 arrives in dealers next year have thousands of C7 models to choose from.

According to Corvette Blogger, figures from einventoryNow reveal that there are approximately 6025 new C7 Corvettes sitting in dealerships across the United States just waiting to be purchased. This represents an 84-day supply of the front-engined, V8-powered sports car.

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As Chevrolet was readying to launch the C8 Corvette throughout the first half of this year, it began offering generous discounts for the C7 model. At the start of the year, there were more than 9000 examples on dealership lots and by June, that had fallen to 7045 units.

Chevrolet intends on commencing C8 Corvette production later this year and when it does, predicts there will be fewer than 2,500 C7 models looking for homes, enough for a 35-day supply. Chevrolet stopped taking orders for the C7 on June 23 but the current car is expected to remain in production until September.

Now, you may be wondering how C7 production is still ongoing when the final example sold for $2.7 million in late June. Well, the car which was presented on stage at the Barrett-Jackson auction was actually just a lookalike of what the final C7 will be.

In a bid to help shift its inventory of C7s, Chevrolet is currently offering $3,000 in loyalty cash to current Corvette owners looking to purchase a new one.

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