Thieves Steal $120,000 Worth Of Tires And Wheels From Louisiana Chevy Dealership

Authorities in Louisiana claim that two men broke into a car dealership in Slidell and stole $120,000 worth of car tires and wheels from the facility.

Nola reports that the wheels and tires were stolen early on Saturday morning from Matt Bowers Chevrolet along Interstate 10. The men responsible for the theft reportedly disabled one surveillance camera and altered lighting at the dealership lot so they could work under the cover of darkness, Police chief Randy Fandal said. In total, 124 tires and wheels were stolen from 31 vehicles.

A manager from the dealership discovered the missing wheels and tires on Saturday morning. Dozens of vehicles at the dealership’s parking lot were lifted off the ground and had their wheels removed. Vehicles targeted including a host of Chevrolet Tahoes, Malibu models, and others.

Video from the scene shows a pair of men walking across the dealership parking lot and cutting the locks to a side entrance. A U-Haul truck soon entered the facility and approximately 40 minutes later, it left while loaded up with the stolen wheels and tires.

The owner of the Louisiana dealership, Matt Bowers, is offering a $25,000 reward for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.

“We’re not going to stop pursuing these individuals until I’m taking a selfie in front of them as they’re making their perp walk, and I’ll put it on Twitter when it’s done,” Bowers said.

Police Chief Randy Fandal said authorities don’t believe the thieves are from the local area.


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