Things To Do In Denver When You’re Drunk: Let A 15-Foot Snake Slither Out Of Your Car

It’s not every day that firefighters have to deal with snakes, never mind 15-foot ones, but that’s exactly what happened in Denver, Colorado.

Earlier this week, the Denver Fire Department came across a parked car and noticed something, um, unusual; like a huge snake slithering its way out of the driver’s side window and onto the car’s roof.

According to a tweet from the fire department, the owner of the snake was passed out drunk in the car and left his window cracked open. Perhaps sensing a way to escape into the wild, the snake took its opportunity to make a break for it.

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“More animal adventures this weekend for the DFD, this time the reptile type. Engine #29 found a party passed out in his car, while his 15ft. snake was crawling out of the driver’s side window on to the roof! Don’t drink & drive, especially with your pet snake in the car!” the Twitter post reads.

What’s particularly intriguing about this story is that not only was the owner happy to share a car with a snake which might have easily strangled him in his sleep, but also had his dog along for the ride.

Sleeping anywhere near a snake doesn’t sound particularly fun to us but, hey, maybe we’re just not as adventurous (…) as this man. Good thing the reptile behaved itself and just wanted to break free, though…

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