Think Creating A New Car Is Easy? Rimac Demonstrates It’s Anything But

Building an all-electric hypercar takes much more than simply throwing a couple of electric motors and a large battery pack into an existing supercar chassis. As this video from Rimac reveals, designing a car like the C_Two is an all-encompassing process which requires a huge team of talented individuals all working together towards a common goal.

This video, the third in a series which goes behind the scenes at Rimac’s facility in Croatia, focuses on the company’s design process in creating a vehicle and shows how designing a car takes a lot more work than one might imagine.

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With the C_Two, for example, Rimac’s design team started out by sketching the car on paper but, according to company founder Mate Rimac, the time needed to sketch out the car only encompasses about 1 per cent of all the work which is needed to design a vehicle in full. After the design team sketches out a car on paper, they set about bringing it to life on computers and need to design virtually every single aspect, from the graphics displayed in the gauge cluster and infotainment screen to the HVAC system.

Additionally, the design of is constantly evolving. The team may actually create a part, but it could fail aerodynamic testing or crash testing, so a new component will need to be designed, built and tested in order to replace it.

Like the previous installments in the series, this clip is well worth a watch for those interested in seeing what it takes to build a hypercar (or any car, for that matter) from the ground-up.


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