This Back To The Future DeLorean Replica Can Be Driven With A Remote Control

There are many DeLorean DMC-12s out there designed to look just like the car from the Back to the Future movies, flux capacitor and all.

This one is much like every other movie replica, but there is one key point of difference: it is remote controlled.

The DeLoeran featured in this clip from Barcroft Cars is owned by Dutch computer technician Bjorn Harms and was built over a period of six months.

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Harms has some experience making life-size remote-controlled cars and has previously worked on a Chevrolet Corvette loaded with similar technology.

As you can probably imagine, it requires some serious brainpower to make a car as old as the DeLorean remote-controlled, and Harms was forced to engage in some creative thinking to make it happen, like fitting the electronic power steering system of an Opel Corsa.

Most of the vehicle’s systems are totally bespoke; even the remote control itself looks like its straight off a Back to the Future set. Footage from the 1:50 point in the video is particularly intriguing as it show how Harms is able to remotely shift the gear lever from reverse, drive, and park. There is also a full failsafe system that will bring the car to a full stop when the remote control is turned off.

Fun fact: In the Netherlands, where Harms lives, his remote-controlled DeLorean is actually street legal! Guess many bystanders will have had the surprise of their lives to see a car without any driver going about its business…


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